Thursday, May 8, 2008

Midterm Answers

I hope everyone did well on the midterm. My thoughts are that some questions were fairly straightforward, especially part 1, but others really made you think and analyze. I thought it was pretty tough overall, but I think/hope I did pretty well. The analysis and short-essay format was fairly new to me. I usually do better on objective tests where it's clear right/wrong answer, but this essay format is more challenging.

I won't be posting the answers to the midterm. If you have questions or want to see my answers, send me an email.

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Janice said...

Eliezer, I agree that the midterm was pretty straightforward. I enjoyed the challenge from the essay questions. There are many ways you can argue your answer. I suppose so long as you make a logical point and stay within the boundaries of the economic theories, it would be difficult to get these portions wrong. Of course, the true answer will come once we get the results of our exams. Indeed, good luck to all.